Horseshoe Court

20150330_1752282014 and 2015 were difficult years for City Park. Several policy issues regarding the “reimagine play” effort, park event policies, and the proposed Denver Zoo Biomass gasification system made for fractured community involvement in the park. City Park Alliance was looking for a tangible project to foster goodwill with the community, its stakeholders, and Denver Parks and Recreation. One day biking through the park, CPA board chair, Greg Davis met a group of people making homemade repairs to the horseshoe courts next to City Park. The group represented the last of a long-standing home-grown league of horseshoe pitchers who had playing there for years. While others had left due to the dilapidated condition of the courts, they continued on by spending their own time and money to make repairs to the court. So, working with this group and the National Horseshoe Pitching Association, Greg designed a new horseshoe court and “pitched” the idea to Eastside Parks Planner, Adrienne Burton. Adrienne jumped at the idea, and the courts were re-built in March of 2016. Funding for the courts was provided through a 50/50 split between the City Park Alliance and Denver Parks and Recreation. The specifications for the court construction today meet those provided by the NHPA. We hope you can come out and pitch some shoes, and if you have any ideas on improvements, drop us a line.

Horseshoes Anyone?

The City Park Alliance and Denver Parks and Recreation teamed up to repair and restore the horseshoe court in City Park.

The horseshoe court in City Park, which has been in place since 1952, has seen better times. City Park Alliance, working with Denver Parks and Recreation, identified potential repairs and designs consulting with numerous cities around the country and the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association. The renovations, which cost approximately $28,000, were funded via a 1:1 match of donations from the City Park Alliance by Denver Parks and Recreation. Renovations were completed in March of 2016.

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Sometimes when contemplating comprehensive endeavors for City Park like master planning and historic designation, it’s easy to forget the small details that add to the unique experience of City Park. We’re excited to be able to work with Denver Parks and Recreation to improve this amenity in the park. Projects like these improve the manner in which we more effectively work with Denver Parks and Recreation to effect positive change in the park, and they provide our stakeholders with a tangible success upon which to build for the future.