Let’s Take a Pause (and Innovate)

The Event Rest Periods Policy calls for “a pause” on events in Denver’s parks, and will set aside from 2 to 3 days per month when events will not be allowed in certain parks.  While many support this pause, or rest period, for events, the policy (available here), is being opposed by some as being too restrictive and limiting the potential of Denver’s vibrant urban culture.  The City Park Alliance is in support of this policy as it promotes setting aside days where City Park can simply exist as a quiet natural area, but perhaps there is different way of looking at this policy.  Perhaps Denver Parks and Recreation has made it too easy to host events in our parks.  Perhaps the ease and low cost of getting a permit for an event in our parks is limiting the vibrancy of our urban experience by forcing events out of our neighborhoods, out of innovative events spaces, and into our public parks. To read more on this topic of rest and innovation for City Park events, view the commentary here.

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Horseshoes Anyone?

20150330_175228The City Park Alliance and Denver Parks and Recreation are teaming up to repair and restore the horseshoe court in City Park.

The horseshoe court in City Park, which has been in place since 1952, has seen better times.  City Park Alliance, working with Denver Parks and Recreation, identified potential repairs and designs consulting with numerous cities around the country and the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.  The renovations, which will cost approximately $28,000, are being funded via a 1:1 match of donations from the City Park Alliance by Denver Parks and Recreation.  Renovations will be completed in 2015, weather permitting.

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Sometimes when contemplating comprehensive endeavors for City Park like master planning and historic designation, it’s easy to forget the small details that add to the unique experience of City Park.  We’re excited to be able to work with Denver Parks and Recreation to improve this amenity in the park.  Projects like these improve the manner in which we more effectively work with Denver Parks and Recreation to effect positive change in the park, and they provide our stakeholders with a tangible success upon which to build for the future.

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City Park Neighborhood Advisory Committee In Session

The concept for a neighborhood advisory committee for City Park was created in late 2014 by District 9 (then District 8) Councilman Albus Brooks.  The committee has met in an official capacity three times, and it’s time to get to business now that a secretary,  president, and vice-president have been established.

The purpose and mission of the City Park Neighborhood Advisory Committee is to:

(1) help circulate information from the city and park institutions to neighborhood residents and vice versa;

(2) facilitate a collaborative culture whereby all stakeholders can have meaningful input on decisions getting made about the park; and

(3) work to honor the unifying nature of this historic public space.

City Park Neighborhood Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public.  Agendas and meeting notes are posted online at www.cityparkalliance.org/documents

The members of the City Park Neighborhood Advisory Committee include:

  • City Council District 9 Office – Andrew Sense (President)
  • City Park Friends and Neighbors – Hank Bootz (Vice-President)
  • City Park Alliance – Greg Davis (Secretary)
  • East High Neighbors – Cliff Shaffran
  • Greater Park Hill – Rebecca Born
  • North City Park – Kyle Shelton
  • South City Park – Michelle Reichmuth
  • Whittier – Ben Chenard
  • Uptown on the Hill –  Alison Torvik
  • City Park West – Mary Therese Anstey
  • PRAB – Eric Clayman

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What’s going on in Duck Lake?

Cormorant in Duckweed at Duck Lake

Cormorant in Duckweed at Duck Lake

A habitat for Canada geese, cormorants, black-crowned night-herons and snowy egrets, more so than ducks these days, the growth of duckweed gives new meaning to the name, “Duck Lake.” As of late summer this year, duckweed has taken over the entire surface of the lake in City Park.

Is this a problem? What’s your view? 

Read the Denver Post piece on the duckweed phenomenon.

Graylag in Duckweed at Duck Lake

Graylag in Duckweed at Duck Lake

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Denver Zoo Cancels Plans for Biomass Gasification in City Park

The Denver Zoological Foundation will seek partners to complete the development and deployment of the innovative technology behind its planned Waste To Energy technology off site and has cancelled its plans to operate the system at Denver Zoo.   More information related to this change in direction is provided in a press release from the Denver Zoo.

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CPA Supports Restoration of the Sullivan Gateway

City Park Alliance submitted a letter to the Colorado Historical Fund on September 18, 2015, to support the City of Denver’s grant application for the restoration of the Sullivan Gateway. The Sullivan Gateway, which spans the width of the City Park Esplanade adjacent to East High School, is in desperate need of repair to discourage further vandalism and degradation. Repair and replacement of terra cotta tiles during this proposed restoration will help protect the structures for future generations.

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City Park Ice Cream Social – May 29th 6-pm

Friday, May 29th – 6:00-9:00pm – City Park Pavilion and Bandshell

CountyFairatCityParkCome join City Council District 8 and the City Park Alliance in celebrating the historical gem that is Denver’s City Park. The 2015 City Park Ice Cream Social, sponsored in part by The Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Boulder Ice Cream, features free ice cream, face painting, entertainers, and a concert with the Denver Municipal Band.  Come help us carry on a century’s old tradition of municipal band concerts at Ferril Lake at this family-friendly event.

* Dress in historical costume and you may be awarded a random prize.

For more information, visit cityparkalliance.org/icecreamsocial

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