City Park Alliance was formed in 1999 with a vision of restoring City Park.

We bring together community, corporate and government resources to support park improvement projects. City Park Alliance gathers and engages the community, and mobilizes partners and resources for capital improvements, programs and events, and advocates for and communicates with all stakeholders on issues affecting City Park.

We have worked on many projects over the years. In addition to hosting our annual Ice Cream Social and providing Story Time readings in the park, we have hosted forums to gather public opinion on issues pertinent to City Park such as hosting movies in the park, managing off-leash areas, and developing policies to address park uses and events. Recently, we have been participating in workgroups to address the potential historic designation of City Park, the development of the Denver Zoo Master Plan, and options and designs for the 2017 Denver Central Recreation Center.

The City Park Alliance also takes a direct role in developing and restoring park assets through volunteer labor, grant writing, technical analysis, and direct donor financing. Recent projects which we have provided a role in include the H20 Odyssey interactive fountain and funding and maintenance for the Mile High Loop running trail.

If you have a project or ideas that you would like the City Park Alliance to get involved with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.