Former Board Members

Karen Gerwitz

Karen Gerwitz joined the Alliance Board in January 2008, after moving to North City Park in 2006. Karen currently serves as the Executive Director of the World Trade Center Denver, which is a trade association that assists companies in the Rocky Mountain region further international trade.  She has spent much of her career in state government, where she formerly served as director of communications at the Department of Regulatory Agencies and director for the State Board of Education. Karen volunteers for a number of civic engagement organizations in addition to the Alliance, including the Civic Canopy. Her favorite aspect of the City Park neighborhood is its incredible diversity. In her spare time, you may see her walking with her husband, Elie Mardiros, and her oversized Boston Terrier, Winston.

Peggy Day

Peggy was on the board from 2008-2012 and is a resident of Park Hill.  She thinks of the park as her backyard, as she has worked and walked in the park during the more than 20 years she has worked at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Peggy has served in the past as the City Park Alliance treasurer.

Mara Prandi-Abrams

Mara joined the Alliance board in 2010. Mara moved to South City Park in 2007 and uses the park almost daily to attempt to tire out her 11 year old Siberian Husky dog. Mara is a project manager for a company focused on data center efficiency. Mara volunteers with a number of organizations including USGBC-Colorado (US Green Building Council, Colorado Chapter) and HABIC (Human Animal Bond in Colorado) where she makes weekly visits to the VA with Will and their dog, Anika. Mara served as board chair.

Will White

A native of Boulder, Will joined the Alliance Board in 2010 after moving to South City Park in 2008.  He works as a computer engineer for a chip design lab in Fort Collins and in his spare time enjoys outdoor recreation in this beautiful state including frequent laps around City Park’s Mile High Loop. Will is a volunteer with HABIC (Human Animal Bond in Colorado) and visits vets at the VA weekly along with Mara and their Siberian Husky, Anika. Will served as City Park Alliance treasurer.

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson has lived in City Park West since 1985 and revels in regular walks around Ferril Lake with her neighbors. She enjoys telling tales related to the history of the park and uses her extensive collection of historic photographs, postcards, and other City Park ephemera to bring the stories alive. She is an active community volunteer who supports Colorado Preservation Inc., the Garden Conservancy, the Colorado Center for the Book, and the City Park West Neighborhood Association. She is a co-founder of the Denver Paper and Postcard Show and the Swedish Genealogical Society of Colorado.

Patty Cordova

Patty lived across from City Park Golf Course for 25 years, and coached soccer in City Park for 10 years. Her favorite view of the city is looking west from the Museum of Nature and Science towards the location of The Cordova Rock Garden. The Pinnacle at City Park South is her new home, where the Pavilion and Ferrill Lake are the jewels of her view.

Annie Levinsky

Annie joined the City Park Alliance board in 2007, and as a Denver native and East High School graduate she has many memories of time spent in City Park. Annie currently works at the Molly Brown House Museum and has experience in historical interpretation and education, fundraising and communications. Annie and her husband moved to the City Park area in 2006.

Laura Libby

Currently, Laura works as the State Heritage Tourism Coordinator, but has previous experience in several non-profit organizations, including event planning at the Zoo and development, marketing and management experience at Historic Denver, Inc.  She grew up in Aurora.  She and her husband have lived in Park Hill for seven years.

Dennis D. Smith

Vice President for Zoo Operations, Denver Zoological Foundation. Responsible for facilities maintenance, horticulture, grounds maintenance, admissions, parking and security, Acts as liaison for contracted food service, merchandising and ride concessions, as well as the office and public areas custodial program. Lived in Denver off and on since 1970 including teenage years in Park Hill. Currently a resident of the Whittier neighborhood.

William Bowman

William joined the alliance board in 2005. William moved to his home on 17th Avenue in 2000 and was instantly enamored by the park’s history and beauty. William served as the President of the South City Park Neighborhood Association from 2002 through 2005. As a member of the City Park Alliance board, William is honored to be a part of the preservation and promotion of his city’s finest park.  As a Colorado native, William has always been enchanted in the way Denver has progressed and has always been mesmerized by our incredible skyline in front of its mountain backdrop.  In his spare time, William can be found working in his garden, puttering around town on his bicycle, turning a wrench on his vintage Cadillac convertible or working on his 1907 home in Clayton Park .

Tom Fiorillo

Tom joined the Alliance Board in 2010 and has been a resident of several Central Denver neighborhoods including Belcaro, West Washington Park and Park Hill.  As an avid bicycle racer and runner, Tom uses many of Denver’s parks regularly and loves the wide open spaces in City Park.  He has a combined 20 years experience in the fields of information technology and finance and is currently a Senior Plan Design Manager for a boutique wealth advisory firm in downtown Denver.

Other past board members include: Happy Haynes, Dixie Trimble, Arie Taylor, Joe Mauro, Pete Maysmith, Roz Wheeler Bell, Donna Hultin, Alice Kelly, Patty Cordova, Jennifer Heisler, Carla Lucero Kolomitz, Paul Davis, and Bud Hawkins.

4 Responses to Former Board Members

  1. Alice Kelly says:

    There are many former board members of City Park Alliance. Among them are School Board member Happy Haynes, Dixie Trimble, Arie Taylor, Joe Mauro, Pete Maysmith, Roz Wheeler Bell, Donna Hultin, Alice Kelly, Patty Cordova, Jennifer Heisler, Carla Lucero Kolomitz, Paul Davis, Bud Hawkins, to name a few.. I understand that you can’t put all of the names on the websit, but I just wanted the Alliance to know about some of the community folks that have served on the City Park Alliance Board since its beginning.

  2. Jacqueline Lansing says:

    Please let me know how I can help the Alliance protect City Park from encroachments and preserve Olmsted’s intent to provide a tranquil pastoral setting as a place of respite from urban pressures.

  3. Jacqueline – We are just now looking at taking on new folks to help make decisions and help us to gather public input to help our city leaders in making decisions.

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