Doors Open Denver ● City Park Tours

Doors Open Denver 2016 is sponsoring tours of City Park on Saturday, April 23 (10:30 am), and Sunday, April 24 (1:30 pm). City Park enthusiasts Patricia Paul and Georgia Garnsey will lead the tours, “City Park, Crown Jewel of the Queen City,” for the second year.

cp1Join us for a tour of Denver’s Crown Jewel, City Park, also known from Denver’s early history as the “people’s park.” Stroll though City Park’s green expanses and past its lovely gardens, fountains and statues for 60-90 minutes. We’ll explore City Park’s history and also its intrinsic beauty, sculpted by the vision of Denver’s pioneer founders and leading designers, such as Reinhard Scheutze, S.R. DeBoer, George Kessler and Charles Robinson.

The Olmsted Brothers landscape firm worked on design elements in City Park in the early 1900s and praised City Park’s “sense of spaciousness in contrast with the crowding that is elsewhere forced by the high land values of a city.”

On our tour, we’d like to explore the future of public parks like City Park. Entertainment centers or pastoral retreats? Is there a middle ground? This tour will be a leisurely, intimate tour with plenty of stopping points, detours and opportunities for lively discussion and fun.

cp2Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing and flat walking shoes. Consider bringing an umbrella, sunglasses, water and snacks. Young children must be supervised at all times.

Tickets are $10 each and registration is required. To register, visit

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Photos by Phil Hainline

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