Let’s Take a Pause (and Innovate)

The Event Rest Periods Policy calls for “a pause” on events in Denver’s parks, and will set aside from 2 to 3 days per month when events will not be allowed in certain parks.  While many support this pause, or rest period, for events, the policy (available here), is being opposed by some as being too restrictive and limiting the potential of Denver’s vibrant urban culture.  The City Park Alliance is in support of this policy as it promotes setting aside days where City Park can simply exist as a quiet natural area, but perhaps there is different way of looking at this policy.  Perhaps Denver Parks and Recreation has made it too easy to host events in our parks.  Perhaps the ease and low cost of getting a permit for an event in our parks is limiting the vibrancy of our urban experience by forcing events out of our neighborhoods, out of innovative events spaces, and into our public parks. To read more on this topic of rest and innovation for City Park events, view the commentary here.

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One Response to Let’s Take a Pause (and Innovate)

  1. Bridget Walsh says:

    Very thoughtful take on events in Denver’s City Park.

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