Mile High Loop Running Trail Improvements

by Mike Fernandez, City Park Alliance

City Park Alliance partners with Denver Parks and Recreation on improvements as the trail is about to reopen.

On July 11, 2014, members of the City Park Alliance (CPA) board of directors met with City Park officials, to assess the trail and identify opportunities for CPA to support Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) efforts to restore, maintain, and improve the 5 kilometer running trail that winds its way through the environs of City Park.

CPA will put out a call for volunteers to join in trail work and discussions about trail enhancements, likely to take place in the fall.

loop_markerDuring the meeting at the park, CPA learned that there was no budget for maintenance included when the trail was constructed and that replacement of trail markers, destroyed by vandals, with like posts will cost about $1,700 each. Lessons learned: Replacing way-finding signage with markers that are more easily replaced is the way forward for this City Park feature.


Loop_fenceMore Good News: The orange fences adjacent to the Mile High Loop trail on the east side of the park will come down as soon as the new sod takes hold. Shortly after the meeting with DPR, the orange fences blocking access to the trail were reoriented to allow access to the trail during revegetation.  Very soon the Mile High Loop running trail will finally be open in its entirety–for the first time since museum construction began in September 2011.


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