City Park Ice Cream Social – May 29th 6-pm

Friday, May 29th – 6:00-9:00pm – City Park Pavilion and Bandshell

CountyFairatCityParkCome join City Council District 8 and the City Park Alliance in celebrating the historical gem that is Denver’s City Park. The 2015 City Park Ice Cream Social, sponsored in part by The Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and Boulder Ice Cream, features free ice cream, face painting, entertainers, and a concert with the Denver Municipal Band.  Come help us carry on a century’s old tradition of municipal band concerts at Ferril Lake at this family-friendly event.

* Dress in historical costume and you may be awarded a random prize.

For more information, visit

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Story Time Returns for 2015

Linda Osmundson reads How The West Was Drawn.The Tattered Cover Book Store and City Park Alliance are teaming up with Colorado Fresh Markets and The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators for four Sundays this summer for a Story Time reading in the park.  This year’s dates are June 14 & 28 and July 12 & 26.  Books are read to the young readers, signed by the authors, and then given to a lucky kiddo. Bring your own blanket and enjoy this great event at one of Denver’s best Farmers’ Markets.  For more information, visit the Story Time in the Park web page.

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Earth Day in City Park: Volunteers Got it Done

Denver Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the City Park Alliance and Starbucks, worked on Wednesday, April 22, 2015, restoring the Mile High Loop trail.

16624021573_211156571f_zCity Park Alliance provided the trail surface material and marked the portions of the trail most in need of repair.


Denver Parks and Recreation organized the day, provided equipment and supervised the work.


And Starbucks…


…provided over 400 volunteers!


The following organizations provided additional volunteers:

  • Buckley Air Force Base
  • University of Denver, Delta Lota chapter of Sigma Chi
  • Click Fox
  • Peak Beverage
  • U.S. Department of Justice

In addition to resurfacing the Mile High Loop trail, volunteers

  • Stained and added fibar to the Dustin Redd playground
  • Painted dumpsters, trash barrels, tables, and curbs
  • Assembled fishing rods
  • Made improvements at the greenhouse, rock garden, and mulch area behind the Denver Museum of Nature and Science
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Denver Zoo Master Plan Approved By City Council

City Council approved the Denver Zoo Master Plan 12-1 on April 20.  Attached is a copy of the plan that was approved.  Did this meet the appropriate public notification requirements?  Did the master plan address public concern?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think…


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Calling All Runners!

On April 22nd from 9am-12pm, Denver Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the City Park Alliance and Starbucks, will be restoring the Mile High Loop trail.

We still need volunteers!!!

Volunteers are needed to help spread crusher fine on the Mile High Loop Trail, stain and paint the wooden playground, remove debris, and spread fibar in the playground along with other projects needing maintenance.

Registration is needed for this event.

Please E-mail or call 303.698.4904 to participate.

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City Park Alliance to Sponsor City Park Jazz

City Park Alliance will be providing a one-time sponsorship for City Park Jazz this coming summer. While it may be rare for one non-profit to support another, City Park Alliance is embracing this as an opportunity to reach a more extended and diverse group of park users and engage them directly in all matters related to City Park. This was decided on during the March board meeting and is reflected in the board meeting notes posted online.

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City Park Alliance Supports Updating the City Park Master Plan

For the past several months, board members from the City Park Alliance have been participating in a workgroup regarding the potential landmark designation of Denver’s City Park. On March 24, we sent a letter to Steve Turner, Director of the Colorado State Historical Fund, expressing our support for a grant to develop guidelines for and to update the City Park Master Plan. Our reasons for supporting this effort are described within the following letter.

Steve Turner
Director, Colorado State Historical Fund
1200 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

Dear Mr. Turner:

We appreciate the opportunity to be involved in discussions regarding the potential local historic landmark designation of Denver’s City Park. The City Park Alliance’s (the Alliance) vision is for City Park to maintain its historic character and flourish for future generations, providing all visitors with positive and memorable experiences. As such, we would like to express our support for the development of design guidelines for City Park and for the update of the City Park Master Plan. We believe that these two essential tools are critical to the ongoing preservation of City Park’s historic character.

City Park is an extremely important piece of Denver’s park system because it is both a neighborhood and regional park. It is highly revered by users as a pastoral and beautiful open space, as an active space, and for its numerous historic elements. The park as a whole is an historic landmark of success in the long line of efforts to create critical open spaces of sufficient scale and care to ensure places of respite within urban cores. Recently, there has been increased pressure in the park to develop open spaces as the surrounding community becomes more densely populated. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo also both expanded their impact on the park with new developments in 2013 and 2014.

As a case in point, in 2013 and 2014, the Alliance sponsored public meetings about the design for a new playground project known as the City Loop. At the end of the meeting process, a large architectural play element that would have encompassed 17 acres in City Park won a national contest and was chosen. Although it was not built in City Park due to public pressure, the process was instructive going forward. It was evident that there were no design guidelines to gauge the appropriateness of the features, lighting, vegetation, walkways, and the general look of what was being proposed. The final design chosen (albeit an award winning spectacular design) ignored the historic character and feel of City Park. The City Park Master Plan did not contemplate a giant playground.

The character of some neighborhoods surrounding City Park is changing. Thus development pressure within the Park will continue. Some of these neighbors are interested in the quiet aspects of City Park, while other neighbors are looking for more activities in City Park. A thoughtful and inclusive Master Plan and design guideline development process would help the community navigate future changes in City Park while respecting its historic character.

Citizens have become more increasingly involved in the policies that affect City Park. The number of people reading the publications from City Park Alliance has increased exponentially over the past three years. We at the City Park Alliance prefer to spend time and financial resources towards improving City Park rather than facilitating discussions between groups and individuals where the rules for projects in City Park are not known. Updating the Master Plan and creating design guidelines can reduce needless controversies, and false starts, by fostering a common understanding of expectations.

City Park is an extremely important piece of Denver’s legacy. Visitation to this park will increase. The neighborhoods will continue to rely on the park for activity and for quiet spaces. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Denver Zoo will continue to look for opportunities to grow and enhance their visitor experience. The Alliance believes that this is the time to define the appropriate pathway forward by updating the Master Plan and creating design guidelines for Denver’s largest park and a regional historic gem.

We support the request for a grant to develop design guidelines and to update the City Park Master Plan. The Alliance looks forward to being involved in these efforts as an organization dedicated to maintaining the character of City Park.

Greg Davis, Board Chair
City Park Alliance

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