Tree Climbers Rescue Dummy in Competition at Denver City Park

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by Mike Fernandez, City Park Alliance

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City Park Alliance Meeting Minutes Available Online

In an effort to be more transparent to our stakeholders, we are now posting our quarterly board meeting agendas and notes online.

The meeting minutes and agenda from the August 22, 2014 quarterly board meeting of the City Park Alliance are available online now.   Come follow along to learn what we’re doing to support City Park.

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ChiveFest Update

A public meeting was held on July 30 regarding ChiveFest.  The meeting featured a presentation from Scotty Nichols, owner of All Phases Event Group, LLC, as well as representatives from “The Chive“.  Following the presentation, representatives from Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) were available to answer questions about the ChiveFest event.  DPR staff noted that if ChiveFest met the terms of the events based policy, then they would not discriminate and would issue a permit.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss extra steps that ChiveFest is putting in to place to make the event less impactful on the park and the community.  The presentation which outlines the impacts from ChiveFest provided by Scotty Nichols is attached here.  A community liaison will be available to speak with members of the community with questions/concerns about the event from Wednesday, August 13, through Sunday, August 17 at 303-681-7833.

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City Loop May Be Relocated to Paco Sanchez Park

From the Denver post online: “The design for a nearly $5 million futuristic type of playground was originally planned for a 13-acre piece of City Park. When nearby residents fought the proposal, Denver Parks and Recreation moved on and looked elsewhere. But the project wasn’t bagged entirely and park officials are now looking into building it at Paco Sanchez Park near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Knox Court.”  View the full article from the Denver Post.

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Chive Fest – Appropriate for City Park?

by Greg Davis, City Park Alliance

ChiveFestA music festival in City Park known as Chive Fest is garnering a lot of attention recently. This music festival proposed to take place on August 16th will host 7,500 people in an all-day event on the East Meadow of City Park.

Prior to the permits office approving the permit, City Park Friends and Neighbors urged City Park Alliance to sign a letter to the mayor opposing this event.  This letter strongly voices disapproval for the event based on concerns such as parking and noise.  City Park Alliance elected not to sign this letter and not to specifically oppose Chive Fest as the process is within the scope of the Admission Based Events Policy approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board in 2010.  This policy gives the Manager of Denver Parks and Recreation authority to approve admission based events in City Park, Civic Center Park, Skyline Park, Central Park-Stapleton, Parkfield Park, and Ruby Hill Park.

We at City Park Alliance would like to like be proactive regarding the current and future implementation of the permitting policy for ticketed events at City Park.  Please consider attending a meeting with representatives from the City of Denver and the event producers of Chive Fest in the VIP room of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on Wednesday, July 30th from 6-7pm.

We also need the views presented by City Park Alliance to reflect all park users and not a vocal minority.  Please provide your thoughts using the following polls.






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Mile High Loop Running Trail Improvements

by Mike Fernandez, City Park Alliance

City Park Alliance partners with Denver Parks and Recreation on improvements as the trail is about to reopen.

On July 11, 2014, members of the City Park Alliance (CPA) board of directors met with City Park officials, to assess the trail and identify opportunities for CPA to support Denver Parks and Recreation (DPR) efforts to restore, maintain, and improve the 5 kilometer running trail that winds its way through the environs of City Park.

CPA will put out a call for volunteers to join in trail work and discussions about trail enhancements, likely to take place in the fall.

loop_markerDuring the meeting at the park, CPA learned that there was no budget for maintenance included when the trail was constructed and that replacement of trail markers, destroyed by vandals, with like posts will cost about $1,700 each. Lessons learned: Replacing way-finding signage with markers that are more easily replaced is the way forward for this City Park feature.


Loop_fenceMore Good News: The orange fences adjacent to the Mile High Loop trail on the east side of the park will come down as soon as the new sod takes hold. Shortly after the meeting with DPR, the orange fences blocking access to the trail were reoriented to allow access to the trail during revegetation.  Very soon the Mile High Loop running trail will finally be open in its entirety–for the first time since museum construction began in September 2011.


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City Park Ice Cream Social – Friday, May 30, 2014

Ready for ice cream and the Denver Municipal Band?  Come join us at the 2014 City Park Ice Cream Social.  Sponsored by Boulder Ice Cream, the Denver Zoo, Colorado Fresh Markets, and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

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